Illinois mileage tax dropped vehicle moves on road

What is Illinois mileage tax latest development in the tax news. Everyone wants the infrastructure in Illinois to be rebuilt including the roads and bridges. Idea is to charge on the Vehicle movements which accounts for the Illinois Vehicle Mileage tax.

Illinois Mileage tax

Latest news for the people of Illinois is that the so called proposed Illinois Mileage tax is dropped for now. According to the proposed tax, the mileage tax rate would be $0.021 per mile. Instead of the gas tax of $0.19 (19 cents per gallon), people driving in Illinois would pay a mileage tax of $0.021 per mile traveled.


Now in February 2019, there is a brake applied to this proposal. Reporting how many miles you drive in Illinois wont make any sense; because its not easy to submit your mileage report in order to calculate the VMT amount to pay. This will increase the tax burden on the shoulders of Illinoisians.

State Representative Marcus Evans said yesterday that for now this bill is stopped and may reintroduce at later stage. To note, in the past Democrats proposed such taxation in the mileage terms but did not go through.

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