Kane county property tax 2019 exemption rates

List of all exemptions to file when you pay Kane County property tax. This is the tax season and you must be aware of what and how much can I claim exemptions to get tax refund as quick as possible. Also this will help you to avoid tax penalties.

Kane County Property tax exemption

Kane County General Homestead Exemption

What is General Homestead Exemption exemption? How this exemption will help you in your property tax preparation? This exemption helps to reduce the EAV Equalized Assessed Value by the amount of the exemption. For the current tax assessment year, the reduction is $6,000.


Who can file this exemption?

A property on which you claim should be your principal residence. Exemptions may also be available for cooperatives and qualified life-care facilities. For more detailed information please contact the County Assessment Office by telephone or email.

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