Michigan gas tax 2019 new rate now

To the Michigan residents and those who fill gas in Michigan State, get to know the Michigan gas tax rise is on the table. The Fact is among other states in the country, Michigan has the highest gasoline tax in 2018-2019. New Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is set to propose a triple times gas tax hike soon.

Michigan gas tax 2019

New tax hike is per gallon fuel tax. Gov. Whitmer will increase the gasoline tax by 26 cents and diesel tax by 15 cents. In addition there will be a hike of another 15 cents in April 2020 and once again another increase of 15 cents in October 2020. This is on the table to target $2 billion annual additional Revenue.

Reality Fact Checker: Every time you buy gasoline in Michigan, the state collects state gas tax and federal fuel tax. Michigan State collects 39.7 cents per gallon of gas as gasoline tax. Of this tax amount, 20cents are spent on Michigan Schools and Local government. 2.5cents are allocated for the Transit.  For Michigan Roads 17.2 cents are set aside from the Gas tax amount.

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