South Carolina SC tax refund schedule 2019 dates

South Carolina Department of Revenue DOR has released the SC tax refund schedule 2019 to help tax payer aware of the dates and deadlines.

SC Tax Refund Schedule 2019 dates


A generic question for every tax payer is How long does it take to get your SC tax refund 2019? Tax processing time varies case by case.

  • For error free filings, SC DOR process your tax returns filed electronically within 3-4 weeks time.
  • If your filing needs correction or some more verification then it may consume up to 8 weeks. Hence do a one time filing without mistakes and provide valid information.
  • In general, from the date of tax filing in SC DOR website, you can expect your application to move through a timeline of 6-8 weeks for SC government to process.
  • You may call the SC Tax department if you see/suspect, Tax Refund status is not moving even after 6 weeks. You should contact SC Tax helpline if your status is Please contact the SCDOR.

When to expect the tax refund credit in 2019? Once your application is successfully processed, Your status will show the refund issue date.

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