AARP donation tax deductible amount

IRS Tax News portal presents you with tax tips when you make charity donations. Do you know the AARP donation amount is eligible for the tax deductions? AARP Foundation aims to solve the poverty among the Senior Americans. Anyone with kind heart can make AARP donations online. You can also send your loving gift via mail addressing to AARP Foundation, PO Box 93207, Long Beach, CA 90809-3207.

AARP Donation tax deductible amount


How donating money to AARP Foundation affects your tax payable? AARP foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, a accredited charity. You donations to AARP foundation is tax deductible and you can claim when you file your tax returns. Plan your Tax deductible donations much ahead so that you will get the acknowledgement receipt to attach in your tax forms.

Per 2018 standard deduction, tax deductible amount is $12,000 for single tax filers. For the married and filing jointly the deductible amount is $24,000. In addition, there is a cap of $10,000 for the write off for state tax and local taxes.

If you need help to file your tax then you can get free tax preparation aide from AARP. Just find a free tax preparation centers near you and AARP volunteers will guide you. AARP centers are all over the USA.

AARP contact numbers

Any queries, you may contact ARRP numbers and address.
Toll-free Nationwide: 1-800-775-6776
Toll-free TTY: 877-434-7598
AARP Foundation Tax ID: 52-0794300
Call AARP Foundation Tax-Aide at 1-888-687-2277

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