Choose a tax preparer to file tax return before deadline

What are the best financial strategies to choose the most suitable tax preparer to file your income tax return?
Top 10 best practices to choose the best tax preparer so that he can help you file tax return.
As a tax payer it is your responsibility to select good tax preparer to prevent any abusive tax.

Tax preparer qualifications

Before selecting a tax preparer, be aware of his/her qualification. In case if you are looking for a person with certain qualification, you can always search tax preparers online.

Tax professional details
According to the law, tax preparer should sign tax returns and their PTIN.
PTIN is Preparer Tax Identification Number.

Tax preparer history
Do a self-study about the tax preparer company or individuals. Make sure you check the online databases of CPA, enrolled tax agents or tax attorneys.

Service charge
Always be aware of the expected tax refund amount and the service charge quoted by the tax professional. If you have doubt on the proposed higher tax refund or hidden service charges, better avoid the deal.

Availability – reachable
Have a promise word that you may need to contact the tax preparer after the year’s tax deadline.

E-file tax
Efiling of tax helps you to get the tax refund faster. Hence ask your tax preparer to e-file the federal tax and use direct deposit.

Transaction receipts
Experienced tax professionals will validate the documents versus the information in the tax form. Failing to do so, you may end up in problem if there is mismatch in the details given in the form.

Tax form review
If you have doubt or unclear information in the tax form, ask for clarification.
Hence Tax refund should be deposited in the tax payer’s bank account.

Read about different types of IRS tax forms available.

Do not engage a tax preparer who ask you to sign an empty tax form. Never sign a blank cheque without cancelling it. Do not leave tax information half way and handover to tax professional.

Tax abuse
Who knows a tax preparer leaves mistake by chance or with criminal intention. Therefore Tax payers can use the form 14157 to lodge a complaint for tax abuse by preparer.

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