Report tax fraud to IRS online mail telephone number

Do you suspect some tax criminals are behind you? Are you a victim of tax scam calls? If so and also if you want to know how to report tax fraud to IRS government officers, please read carefully this article.

How to report tax fraud to IRS?

Every tax payer must stay on high alert regarding the tax scams and fraudulent telephone calls by the tax criminals. Know how to avoid tax fraud telephone calls and phishing emails to be on alert.

report tax fraud to IRS helpline

Because your money matters, Inland Revenue Service frequently publishes the tax news alerts to protect the citizens and individuals who pay tax to the government. IRS website has different tax fraud forms to report the suspicious activities. Once you identify the correct form, download and fill up the details. Now send the completed forms to the mailing address Internal Revenue Service, Fresno, CA 93888.

Suspicious tax fraud and scam activities can be of any type like:

  • Tax abuse by tax payer
  • Tax abuse by tax return preparer
  • Abusive tax promotions
  • Phishing tax emails
  • scam telephone calls
  • false deductions
  • failure to report the earnings

You are not left empty handed for helping the government. When you report a tax fraud activity to IRS, you are entitled to claim your reward. There is a special form for tax fraud reward form online.

Tax fraud hotline and mailing address

In order to help the customers IRS has a dedicated helpline number.

Report Tax Fraud Hotline recording at 1-800-829-0433

Mail printed forms to:

Internal Revenue Service,
CA 93888.

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