Tax Fraud scam calls emails How to avoid?

If you seriously look for tax fraud meaning, then this article is for you to protect your tax money. USA Internal Revenue Service IRS Government warns the valuable tax payers to keep their money safe and be on alert about the tax fraud. Thousands of people fall prey to the tax scammers every year. This is the tax season of the busy financial year. So how to identify the tax fraud calls, how to protect your information?

Identify Tax fraud easily

IRS officially announced in their website that IRS won’t initiate to retrieve the personal information of tax payers by phone calls, emails or social media.

  • Stay alert on the ghost tax return preparers.
  • Don’t open the document or email containing malware. Such phishing emails use tax transcripts to impersonate as official IRS email.
  • Generally tax fraud criminals fly around the October 15 deadline. Hence stay on high alert during this timeline.
  • Natural Disasters: Especially during the Hurricane season, tax payers should scrutinize the telephone calls, email and text messages calling for the refunds.

Tax fraud phone calls

Sometimes it is little tricky to identify such scam calls. Tax scammers play the mind game that tax payer needs to pay money to IRS department. Such calls will ask for a gift card or wire transfer, which the Official IRS would not do.

Also you may get calls that you have a pending refund and need to confirm your personal identity to proceed to complete the tax refund status. When you actively looking for Where’s my tax refund, such phone calls will pull your legs to be a victim.

Scammers target Tax professionals also. Therefore Tax professionals stay on high alert to protect yourself and your clients. Be Vigilant to the phishing emails that has information on Wire transfer and Payroll direct deposit. Tax criminals target the tax preparers to get the details like e-service password, EFIN and PTIN.

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