Child income tax credit for 2019 amount limit

As this is the tax-filing season 2019, here is the latest tax news for the tax payers. If you wonder is there a child tax credit for 2019? Yes there is one and the Child tax credit limit is revised for this year. What is the earned income Child tax credit limit now?

Earned Income Child tax credit for 2019


Tax credit limit is increased from $1000 to $2000 for 2019. And this limit is applicable per qualifying child. More families become eligible to claim in 2019. Under certain criteria, even if you don’t owe any tax to the government, you can still claim $1400 tax refund for each qualifying child. Also you can assess online whether you have a qualifying child to avail this benefit. Check it in IRS online.

Phase out: Income limit for child tax credit: The credit begins to phase out at $200,000 of modified adjusted gross income. Moreover for married couples filing jointly it is $400,000. Ensure your child has a SSN before the due date of tax return.

Child tax credit amounts

Every year there is a tax credit limit fixed and announced to the public. For tax year 2019, the maximum credit amounts are:

No of qualifying childrenTax credit amount
Three or more  $6,557
Two $5,828
One $3,526
No qualifying children $529

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